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Johnny Appleseed Festival

Settlers, Inc., a cofounder of the Johnny Appleseed Festival, is dedicated to the preserving and teaching of pioneer skills and hand-arts. Artisans demonstrate and share the history and beauty of their historic hand arts in Settlers Pioneer Village at the Festival.

You are invited to be a "Settler-for-a-day" and volunteer for a few hours, a day, or the week-end and demonstrate a historic hand art, such as spinning, felting, needlework, basketry, carving, etc. Make this a family affair-men and children over 10 years of age, are also invited to help. Costumes are available on site for volunteers. Information contact: Denise Keane (260) 413-4413, Louise Larsen (260) 432-7314. Note: Students find this is a great way to build community service hours.



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